Calling for Student Speakers – abstract deadline Sunday 14th February

As part of our conference, we are looking for 6 inspiring female PhD students in STEM fields to deliver a short presentation on their research areas and about themselves. This is the perfect opportunity to transform your study to a source of inspiration, and to stand in front of the audience as one of the female role models who have dedicated their passion to a specific STEM subject. If you think you fit the bill, please scroll down for more details:

• By delivering the presentation, we hope to show audience a wide diversity of interesting, absorbing, or even mind-blowing research areas, and provide them with a deeper insight into females in academia

Structure of the presentation:
• A total of 15 minutes with 10 minutes on the research area, and the rest about the speaker herself, including why you decided to do a PhD/work in your current research field

• We are looking for speakers who are able to elaborate their research topics in 10 minutes and make it engaging and understandable for a general scientific audience

To apply:
• Email with an abstract for your presentation – make sure it is concise and understandable, and most importantly, appealing to someone who might never have heard of your research topic but with a general scientific background.
• You can also send us a short video clip (1-2 mins long), where you introduce yourself and what your presentation will be on. This is strongly recommended because it allows us to see you in person.

Here is an extra bonus for the presenters! All PhD speakers enjoy free conference entrance and are cordially invited to the conference dinner with our keynote speakers and committee members, with your places paid for by OxFEST.





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